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Who am I?

My pronouns are he/him. I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Computer Science. I love playing games of all kinds, watching Minnesota sports, gardening, and being outdoors.

Open Source Maintainer

I maintain and contribute to many open source projects, especially in the HTTP and networking space for Python. Most notably I'm the lead maintainer of urllib3, an HTTP client library that is the most downloaded package on the Python Package Index with over 2 billion downloads. In 2019 I was awarded the Google Open Source Peer Bonus for my contributions to urllib3.

Other projects I contribute to include requests, distro, rfc3986, brotlicffi, hstspreload,, sniffio, and unasync. If you benefit from any of these projects you can sponsor me on GitHub Sponsors to support my cravings for foods like tacos and hotpot.

I blog and tweet frequently about open source, Python, web, security, and other technologies.

Engineer at Elastic

I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Elastic working as maintainer of the Python API clients for services like Elasticsearch, Enterprise Search, and more. I'm also an advocate for Python and Elastic through engaging with the community, attending conferences, recording live webinars, and writing blog posts.