Hi-Chew Pokédex

Published 2023-01-18 by Seth Larson
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I love the idea of having "personal Pokédexes", a set of known things out there in the world that you want to collect. My current personal Pokédex is Hi-Chew flavors. Below I've listed ones I've either tried or aspire to try one day. What's your personal Pokédex?


There are over 200 unique flavors of Hi-Chew, so this list is hopelessly incomplete. Even the website only lists 21 flavors. I'll keep the list up-to-date as I find and try new flavors. If I'm missing a flavor or something is incorrect please open an issue or send a pull request.

Flavor Mix Needs USA import? Acquired?
Black Cherry Berry No Yes
Blueberry Berry No Yes
Raspberry Berry No Yes
Blue Hawaii Fantasy No No
Blue Raspberry Fantasy No No
Rainbow Sherbet Fantasy No No
Orange Soda Fizzies No No
Cola Fizzies, Soda Pop (US and JP) No Yes
Pina Colada Fruit Combos No Yes
Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Combos No No
Tropical Smoothie Fruit Combos No Yes
Juicy Blood Orange Infrusions No No
Juicy Peach Infrusions No No
Juicy Strawberry Infrusions No No
Green Apple Original No Yes
Strawberry Original No Yes
Grape Original, Taiwanese Fruit No Yes
Orange & Tangerine RealFruit No No
Red Apple & Strawberry RealFruit No No
Ramune Soda Pop (US and JP) No Yes
Grape Soda Soda Pop (JP) Yes Yes
Acai Superfruit No Yes
Dragonfruit Superfruit No Yes
Kiwi Superfruit, Tropical (US) No Yes
Grapefruit Sweet and Sour No Yes
Lemon Sweet and Sour No Yes
Watermelon Sweet and Sour No Yes
Lychee Taiwanese Fruit Yes Yes
Peach Taiwanese Fruit Yes Yes
Banana Tropical (JP) No No
Melon Tropical (JP) Yes No
Mango Tropical (US and JP) No Yes
Pineapple Tropical (US) No Yes
Orange Yakult Yakult Yes Yes
Original Yakult Yakult Yes Yes
Strawberry Yakult Yakult Yes Yes
Blueberry Yogurt Yogurt No Yes
Plain Yogurt Yogurt No Yes
Strawberry Yogurt Yogurt No Yes
Lilikoi (Passion fruit) No No
Aloe Yogurt Yes No
Camu Camu Yes No
Durian Yes No
Valencia Orange Yes No
Yubari Melon Yes No
Yuzu Yes No
Shine Muscat Yes Yes

Rules and format

I try to avoid ordering things online, too easy that way!

Hi-Chew are typically sold in "Sticks" of a single flavor, however they are also sold in "Mixes" of 2-3 flavors. Whenever a flavor is offered as a mix I list it in the table. Mix names sometimes are the same between the US and Japan, so I have to disambiguate with US and JP.

Some flavors are slight variants of each other (ie "Lemon" versus "New Sour Lemon"). I'll make a judgement call whether a flavor is unique enough for its own entry.

I don't list any of the "Premium" flavor of Hi-Chew as the texture is apparently more like mochi? I haven't tried one to be sure myself. I also don't list the "Reduced Sugar" because they also change the texture.


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