Review of the Security Developer-in-Residence role in 2023

Published 2023-12-06 by Seth Larson
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This critical role would not be possible without funding from the OpenSSF Alpha-Omega project. Massive thank-you to Alpha-Omega for investing in the security of the Python ecosystem!

This report is short on new work due to me being "mostly away" since Thanksgiving. This week I've been working on November and end-of-year reports for this roles' sponsor the Alpha-Omega project and the PSF.

November 2023 update

I've published the Alpha-Omega update for November 2023 which highlights the Python Software Foundation's response to the US Government RFI on open source security, the publication of the guide for becoming a CVE Numbering Authority as an open source project to the OpenSSF blog, and the proposal for adding Software Bill of Materials to the CPython release process.

2023 end-of-year report

Creating these end-of-year reports had me looking back through what I've done, and I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplish since June. The list of highlights includes:

None of the above would have been possible without the trust and support of the Python community. The year isn't quite over yet, but I'm already excited for what we can all accomplish next year together. Thanks a million, everyone! 💜

That's all for this week! 👋 If you're interested in more you can read next week's report or last week's report.

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