Switching git back to GPG signing

Published 2022-08-25 by Seth Larson
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Recently GitHub announced support for SSH key signing of commits, which is awesome! I followed the instructions to configure my git for SSH signing which was very straightforward. Went to create a commit to test the signing and was met with this error:

$ git commit -m "..."

error: ssh-keygen -Y sign is needed for ssh signing (available in openssh version 8.2p1+)
error: unknown option -- Y?
usage: ssh-keygen [-q] [-b bits] [-t dsa | ecdsa | ed25519 | rsa]
                  [-N new_passphrase] [-C comment] [-f output_keyfile]
       ssh-keygen -p [-P old_passphrase] [-N new_passphrase] [-f keyfile]
       ssh-keygen -i [-m key_format] [-f input_keyfile]

Hmm, looks like I need OpenSSH version 8.2p1 or later. But I'm still on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS which is fixed at 7.6 of OpenSSH. (Just another reason to upgrade...)

No problem, I'll switch back to PGP signing for now. Following the same GitHub guide to switch to PGP:

$ gpg --list-secret-keys --keyid-format LONG
sec   rsa4096/FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 2020-02-19 [SC]
uid                 [ultimate] Seth Michael Larson <sethmichaellarson@gmail.com>
ssb   rsa4096/FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 2022-02-18 [E]

# Grab the key ID listed after "sec" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" which is in this case.

After following all the steps I still can't sign commits. What gives? I remember a step from the SSH key signing guide where I had to set gpg.format to ssh. Maybe something to do with that?

I try setting the gpg.format to gpg to see if that works:

# No error here, promising?
$ git config --global gpg.format gpg

$ git commit -m "..."
error: invalid value for 'gpg.format': 'gpg'
fatal: bad config variable 'gpg.format' in file '/home/sethmlarson/.gitconfig' at line 16

Hmm... maybe this is a GPG/PGP mixup situation?

$ git config --global gpg.format pgp

$ git commit -m "..."
error: invalid value for 'gpg.format': 'pgp'
fatal: bad config variable 'gpg.format' in file '/home/sethmlarson/.gitconfig' at line 16

Well that didn't work. After a few minutes of searching I figured out that the default value for gpg.format is openpgp not gpg or pgp:

$ git config --global gpg.format openpgp
$ git commit -m "..."

# Success! 🎉

When switching back to GPG this crucial step isn't listed in many guides because it's the default value and has been the only usable signing format for a long time. Hopefully guides like GitHub's will amend this step so users don't get lost while configuring their commit signing.

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