Move or recover your Wordle statistics

Published 2022-02-17 by Seth Michael Larson

Starting on July 1st, 2022 I've received reports that this tool is no longer functional due to a change to Wordle. I'll remove this banner when the tool works again.

This change to Wordle wasn't announced so I'm uncertain if this tool will ever work again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Have you ever wanted to play Wordle on another device but weren't able to transfer your statistics? Or worse, cleared your browser storage and lost your Wordle statistics on accident? 😱

Both my partner and I have lost our Wordle stats in the past and it can feel demotivating. That's why I built this tool which lets you import custom Wordle statistics for the current browser.

This tool wasn't developed by the New York Times so isn't "official" but has been recommended by the New York Times Games team on Twitter as a way to transfer your stats.

How to use the tool?

Importing statistics only works if the current browser hasn't played Wordle before or if you clear your site data (see below).

  • If you have existing statistics that you don't want to lose: take a screenshot of them to be safe.
  • Open this webpage on the device where you want to play Wordle and do the following steps:
  • Open up your settings and clear data for "". Don't clear data for all websites, only for "":
  • Ensure that you have no tabs open for "", close any open tabs for "".
  • Complete the form above by typing in the Wordle wins, losses, and streaks that you wish to import. "Games Played" is calculated automatically as the sum of wins and losses. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get "Current Streak" to persist.
  • Acknowledge that using this tool will overwrite your Wordle stats.
  • Select "Import statistics into Wordle".
  • This should open a page on the New York Times, check that your statistics have imported correctly.
  • If your statistics didn't import correctly make sure you've followed each step above and have filled out the form completely, then try again.

What if I lost my statistics and don't remember them?

Unfortunately they can't be recovered once lost, my recommendation is try remembering the number of wins in 1, 2, or 3 guesses and then keep playing. In the end, Wordle is about having fun and it'll keep being the same amazing game whether you have your old statistics or not.

Why can't I import my "Current Streak"?

I'm not sure it's possible anymore? From looking at the below code I don't know how to get the field nyt-wordle-state.lastPlayedTs set. If you can figure it out please let me know!

var e = new Proxy(new URLSearchParams(, {
    get: function(e, a) {
        return e.get(a)
if ( ! function(e) {
    if (!e.statistics) throw new Error("User local data does not contain statistics. Aborting transfer.");
    if (ns(e.statistics, e.force)) {
        ts.setItem(ss, JSON.stringify(e.statistics));
        var a = e.darkTheme;
        var s = !!e.colorBlindTheme;

Does this tool work with Quordle / Heardle / / other Wordle clone?

Unfortunately no, this tool only works with the original Wordle which was bought by the New York Times. Other Wordle clones likely don't have a way to me to import statistics. Sorry about that!

What if I got something wrong on my imported stats?

You can always clear your data and run the tool again with the correct information.

What's stopping me from entering false information?

Nothing really, you're only cheating yourself :)

How does this tool work?

This tool uses the same mechanism that the New York Times uses to import statistics from the previous Wordle website. I'm not sure when or if that mechanism will stop working, until then this form will work too!

The source code for this tool is available on GitHub and the import mechanism is fairly simple. It works by redirecting users to the URL with a preconstructed query string formatted like this:

  "time": 0,
  "statistics": {
    "currentStreak": 0,
    "maxStreak": 0,
    "guesses": {
      "1": 0,
      "2": 0,
      "3": 0,
      "4": 0,
      "5": 0,
      "6": 0,
      "fails": 0
    "gamesPlayed": 0,
    "gamesWon": 0,
    "averageGuesses": 0,
    "winPercentage": 0
  "darkTheme": false,
  "colorBlindTheme": null

This structure is percent-encoded and appended to the URL like so: ?data={%22time%22:...}.