Python, open source, & the internet

by Seth Michael Larson

Hey there! My name is Seth Michael Larson, my pronouns are he/him, and I'm a software engineer working remotely from Minneapolis, MN. I'm on Mastodon for social media and can be reached directly via email.

I maintain and contribute to many open source projects which run on at least two planets. Most notably I'm the lead maintainer of urllib3, an HTTP client library that is the most downloaded package on the Python Package Index with over 7 billion downloads. I was made a Python Software Foundation Fellow in 2022. I've been recognized for my work in open source with the GitHub Maintainer Month sponsorship in 2022 and Google Open Source Peer Bonus in 2019.

Other open source projects I contribute to include requests, truststore, rfc3986, brotlicffi, hstspreload, capture-packets, psl,, sniffio, and unasync.

I write about intermediate and advanced Python, open source, security, and internet tech. If you're also interested in these topics you may find articles on my blog worth a read.

I'm a principal software engineer at Elastic working as a tech lead for the Language Clients team. Previously at Elastic I was the maintainer of the Python API clients for services like Elasticsearch, Enterprise Search, and more. In 2020 I was awarded the Elastic Outstanding Contributor award.