urllib3 Newsletter #2

Published 2020-11-13 by Seth Larson
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Welcome to our second newsletter, more exciting news from our team! If you'd like to join our community you can find us on Discord.

Open Collective and GitCoin Grants

Major development work on urllib3 is only possible through financial support. We have multiple ways for individuals and organizations to support us, either on Open Collective or GitCoin Grants.

Please consider making a donation or grant if your organization depends on urllib3.

urllib3 1.26.0 released

Our team delivered the first release in the v1.26 release stream! 🎉🎉🎉

Big thank-you to urllib3 team members and community contributors for all the hard work on this release:

Highlights of the release include complete HTTPS proxy support, a default User-Agent header, and deprecated TLS 1.0 and 1.1 handshakes by default and some Retry options have been renamed, and a lot more.

Check out the release on GitHub for the full list of changes, there are a lot of good ones in this release!

The v1.26 release stream comes just over a year and a half after the v1.25 release stream which came out on April 22nd, 2020 (ahh, simpler times!)

Regression Fixes in v1.26

After releasing urllib3 1.26.0 we received two regression bug reports over two days. Both regressions were fixed and released in 1.26.1 and 1.26.2 within hours of being reported to our issue tracker. We're able to achieve this because we're supported by Tidelift and our release process allowing fast and high fidelity releases.

urllib3 master branch is for v2.0 development

Starting with this commit the master branch is now exclusively for v2.0 development, meaning that Python <3.6 support on the branch will be removed very soon.

Requests v2.25.0 supports urllib3 v1.26

Very soon after urllib3 v1.26.0 was released Requests also added support for urllib3 v1.26. We work very closely with Requests maintainers to ensure a smooth upgrade process can be made by our users.

Migrating away from Travis to GitHub Actions

Tons of work has been done by a urllib3 maintainer Quentin Pradet to help the project migrate from a combination of Travis and AppVeyor to GitHub Actions to support all major operating systems. That work started before Travis announced changes to the Open Source plan, but we're very happy that we started the migration when we did.

Now that our test suite is ready for Ubuntu Focal Fossa we're hopeful that migrating wholesale over to GitHub Actions can follow soon!

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